Flip Over T-shirts are the BOMB!


Promotional apparel and custom t-shirts don’t always need to be one side prints. Consider the fact that we can actually print on the outside of a shirt as well as the inside of the shirt making your custom apparel a unique one of a kind piece.

free quote

free quote

A promotional tee shirt could have your company logo or phrase on the outside and once the shirt is flipped over your head…. you’re wearing a zombie face or silly face or any type of custom art face you want to make a statement with.

How about screen printing an awesome mustache on the inside of your shirt and flip it up to make people laugh? Or scare the bajeezes out of friends when you blaze the freakish zombie face fromunda-yoh-shirt. You will get you noticed and remembered like the dudes in the motorcycle movie Easy Rider.

A flip over tshirt may just be the right path for your custom apparel needs. Can you see them now wearing your shirts? Everyone will love your clever idea and will be grateful once they start flipping their shirts having fun.
And if we know you! It shouldn’t come as a shock to anyone around when you start handing this out at your next event. Or to your family for crazy holiday gifts! Right!

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