Facebook IPO needs t-shirts


Considering that Facebook went public today and its’ immense popularity, it’s surprising that a search for “Facebook t-shirt” yields only a few hundred slightly funny examples. One would think the phenomenon of Facebook would have thousands of parody t-shirts and custom screen printed apparel to choose from, but there really isn’t.

Facebook Like IPO t-shirts

Custom digital prints

That said, yes there are many custom printed garments online for Facebook however not as many as there should be in my opinion.

There are hundreds of thousands of motorcycle tee shirts that hit every aspect possible for the industry. I can imagine thousands of different scenarios for funny and amusing shirts and hoodies or sweatshirts with the Facebook logo and some quipy or smarmy saying. Can’t you? Even all over screenprinting would be cool!

Nonetheless, we shall seek more fun and entertaining Facebook IPO designed clothing yet to come now that Zack is a billionaire.


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