Dog t-shirts and hoodies


One thing I have never really understood is clothing for animals. Especially, the little t-shits and sweatshirts that so many people have their tiny dogs wear. Now, I’m not saying this is wrong by any means. Rather, I’m perplexed to why dressing an animal is of any importance.

Screen printed shirts with embroidery

custom fitted shirts

My parents used to have this little dog named Buddy that always wore some sort of doggy hoodie shirt with either an embroidered “animal term” or a screen printed logo saying “I Love Dogs.”

That said, I used to have a very large dog that I once tried to get to put on one of my custom silk screenprinted tshirts and it was a disaster. Of course a 90 pound German Shorthair is difficult to get to do anything. He did however, love to chase motorcycles down the road as they cruised by.

Like I said, I have no issue with animals wearing custom decorated clothing it’s just that I don’t understand the daily need behind it.


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