Digital printing on t-shirts


Screen printing has come a long way these days and the fact remains that printing on garments isn’t always done with screens. In fact, DTG (Direct To Garment) printing is a rapidly growing technique that Broken-Arrow utilizes. This allows our customers to order low qualities and one-offs very easily.

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The downfall to this technology though is that quantities above 12 are more efficient and economically printed with the classic silk screen methods. Both methods are perfect for t-shirt printing on hats, hoodies, jackets and polos.

In our line of business we see hundreds of customers per day with different types of needs for custom decorations on apparel. And for the most part, they all fit into the traditional screenprinting technique. Many orders are also for our All Over T-shirt Printing, too. This is where ink can be placed on the garment from edge to edge – but not wrapped as of this posting.

Back to digital printing on garments, we see many businesses choosing this process for their fund raising, company picnics, church bizarre and corporate promotional items in short runs and prototyping. Many smaller motorcycle magazine clubs like this option, too.

The next time you are searching for a fast way to print on apparel, give us a call at 800.810.4692.


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