Custom embroidered motorcycle vests

broken-arrow custom t-shirts

Custom motorcycle t-shirts

When I first joined a motorcycle club (MC) my aspirations of a dress code were not up to par for wearing custom embroidered apparel. However, I soon discovered that wearing personalized t-shirts and vests with embroidery was truly an honor.

When I first joined the club, there were many club members wearing custom embroidered patches, rocker panels and custom screenprinted shirts were being sold for club supporters. Support tshirts help to bring in money to the club and are a perfect way spread the club’s reach and notoriety.

Our “colors” were and are just as important as our creed and mission. Without custom apparel to show the world who we are, we would never get the recognition and respect we require. Likewise, our charity events and runs need a face to accompany the good deeds we do for those less fortunate than us. Via event custom printed shirts or hoodies clubs like ours make a big difference in people’s lives.

Take for instance our newest motorcycle club vests which went through a rigorous approval regiment with all sorts of club members passing their own opinions. A final customized design was hard to reach but in the end, we are very happy with the embroidery artwork both front and back.


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