Custom Rhinestones on Apparel



When adding rhinestones to apparel is a very easy way to add wonderful accents to your order. Here at Broken Arrow Wear we can create a rhinestone design for you or you can submit your own design. Either way, this method of decorating on garments is perfect for any occasion. Especially, for those events focused around women such as bridal showers and bachelorette parties or women’s motorcycle shirts.

This video show a brief excerpt from our rhinestone machinery as it places each rhinestone gem onto a transfer sheet. By using this transfer sheet, we are able to have quality checks before the rhinestone design is actually placed onto any garment.

As you will see, depending on the size of the design, we can place a number of designs onto one sheet for added efficiency. After each rhinestone jeweled design is finished we place the stones on a garment and heat transfer the gems to the shirt. Which we will show in an up coming video.


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