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My personal choice of t-shirt style and brand came about unbeknownst to me. I had always been oblivious to the brand of screen printed shirt I would purchase and surely never paid attention to the ones people would give me. I’d just put them on and be about my life.

It wasn’t until at least 15 years ago when I discovered I really did care about what type of custom apparel I preferred. It was an “Ah, Ha!” moment where I saw the tags of two freshly laundered tshirts and noticed the brand names and their fabric make up.

Noticeably, the feel and weight to these garments were similar sans the silk screenprinted images on the garments themselves. However, one in particular brand felt a little better than the other. It was like the feel of a Nikon verse a Canon camera or the feel of rhinestones verses embroidery or the feel of a Harley verses a Honda motorcycle. You just know one feels better to your body.

Hence, my preference for and purchasing preference ever since for one brand only. And as a matter of fact, on a recent vacation trip I found myself become very snobby when it came to buying tourist-trap custom designed t-shirts.

My eyes and hands could tell the imposters hanging on the racks tempting me to swoop them up. Their prices tugged at my wallet telling me I could get 3 times as many shirts for the cost of just one back home. Alas, my fast and better instincts prevailed and I migrated towards my moistest favorite and comforting brand.

No, I will not tell you what my preferred brand is. It is something you will need to find for yourself, young Grasshopper.

Now, go!

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