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Florence Henderson, aka Carol Brady, is not just a fried chicken and oil spokesperson but she also portrayed the iconic mom from “The Brady Bunch.” She was the mother to lovely three girls and step-mom to three boys and dressed in the hippest shirts possible.

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Nice custom shirt, Carol!

As to, seemingly she dressed her new found family in the most stylish of jackets and pants of the times. One can only imagine the stylist behind the show grinning every day knowing he or she could walk the vastness of garments and custom apparel and pick willy nilly.

To think that Mike Brady was just a humble architect with no style other than his brown slacks. We felt for him. We felt sorry that he didn’t dress in a more flamboyant manner. Maybe he wasn’t allowed to?

Now, taking that into account a person really has to wonder why Alice didn’t quit the show, either. I mean, to only wear a blue shirt, apron and blue skirt a person might go insane. But alas, they did let her expand a little when the Brady  family went to Hawaii and they all wore screenprinted t-shirts. Score!

Likewise, the Brady children seemed to always be in the hippest of clothing, too. It make you wonder though, if this was set in theses days how would they dress? Old Navy, Sears or Abercrombie & Fitch?

Anyway you look at it the Brady’s were freaks and everyone knows that the motorcycle riding Sam the Butcher was slipping Alice a few extra pounds of ground beef at no additional charge.

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