Capturing the glittering moon


Many years ago I had the opportunity to alter my career path and get into the fast paced publishing industry. At this time, there were many changes happening with technology and I was lucky enough to help shepherd it into my newspaper and magazine company.

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New processes such as direct to plate technology in the printing industry were a huge step in progress. The Internet struck fear across the print industry with the promise of stealing readership. Advertising shifted to the Internet and back again to print. It was an era of ups and downs and no one could forecast the direction.

Likewise, the advent of the digital camera came into fruition during this time, which made photographers squeal with youthful glee. No more were the film strips and slides to painstakingly review, images were now loaded directly onto a computer and adjusted for print or the Internet.

With these unbelievable digital cameras I saw the potential of not only photographer’s creativity, but my own as well. We could snap hundreds if not thousands of images only to empty a storage disk and do it all over again within minutes.

Too, I had the great pleasure to hire a college friend as the publishing company’s photographer and we had a wonderful time over the years. Me as the art director and he as my trusty rhinestoned sidekick.

At this time my personal quest to photograph the glittering moon with a digital camera grew and grew. Especially, considering my friend had a telephoto lens on his digital camera, I knew he could do the job justice. I would press him on a regular basis and frequently call him during full moon evenings. He would promise to grant me my photo but alas, an image never did materialize.

Times turned, friendships waned and faded over the years. My quest for a close up image of the moon took a back seat. I would need to find a custom screen printed t-shirt of the moon and be happy with that, I guess.

That is, until I pulled the trigger recently and purchased my own high-end digital camera. It was an ebay nightmare trying to purchase my camera but well worth the excitement.

As you might expect, my first picture taken was of… my children. We had a blast as a family taking pictures and posing. Nevertheless, to my delight not long afterwards, a cold winter’s night offered up the exposed moon in the midnight night sky. It was so close to the earth I could nearly pluck it from the heavens as if picking an orange off a tree.

This night was the culmination of my 15 years of waiting to capture the moon. I told my wife I would be right back. I grabbed my hoodie sweatshirt and ran outside but the view wasn’t good enough. I drove all over the neighborhood until I could find the perfect spot. I stopped the car, snapped frame after frame and hoped my prize was held safely inside.

To my delight, I had captured my moon. Though the image wasn’t of a National Geographic photographer’s quality, I nonetheless was pleased with the closing of a chapter in my life.

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