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My wife is always telling me that I don’t match with my apparel. She’s forever telling me I cannot wear this and that color together and then, contradicts herself by wearing shirt and pant combinations she
previously scolded me for wearing.

This, is an unfair practice on her part. For the reason that, I was never taught how to dress nor was I ever made aware that colors and patterns make a difference. Thankfully, she is attempting to teach my son good habits, though.

In my mind, black is a perfect match for brown. They are close to each other, right? And who doesn’t love a good black and tan beer? To me, there is no difference from shoes to t-shirts and custom garment color matching.

Black shoes go well with brown pants and a black hat would be fine with a brown shirt. Though, I do not wear brown shirts. Let’s make that perfectly clear!

Back to my son, I believe he might be a lost cause when it comes to customizing his wardrobe. He, like me, is in a perpetual mismatched land of just wanting to dress comfortable. Neither of us care what the price of eggs are and likewise, we don’t care that browns and blacks are a mother’s nightmare.

Now, all that said I will take it upon myself to be sure the boy does have two items of clothing on. Underwear and socks are a father’s best friend on his child. Neither needs rhinestones on them and they both serve a purpose. What type of custom designed t-shirt is on top of him is fruitless to be consumed by.

Hence, the two of us will trudge forward riding to motorcycle bike nights with our black t-shirts and brown boots. We will scoff at following trends and pave our own personalized lifestyles sans a woman’s sense of fashion.

And, we will be punished daily for it.

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