Apple iPhone 5 Custom Decorating


As of yesterday, September 12, 2012, the new Apple iPone 5 and it’s unveiling was again a colossal event. What is another chapter in the Apple branding, seems to have fallen a little short, though.

Meaning, Apple overlooked the possibilities of custom decorating such as screen printing on t-shirts and the ease of it all. In this instance, instead of offering the standard colors, Apple could have capitalized on custom decorating applications for the phone itself.

iphone screen printing on shirts

Custom apparel decorations

Now, I’m not talking about adding rhinestones like on shirts or actually silk screening onto the phone, but rather by adding a fun package decorating application or some sorts would be lucrative. Yes?

Wouldn’t it be smart if Apple gave its’ customers – who all pay top dollar – the ability to customize their phone instead of owners having to go to the mall and deal with cheap kiosk companies? Or better yet, how about a free Apple t-shirt or embroidered apparel with the purchase of something so expensive?

Needless to say, Apple knows computers and iPhones. They don’t dabble in motorcycles and shouldn’t. All in all this is another great leap forward for all of us.


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