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While have I been around long enough to see television anchors come and go, this week’s departure of Ann Curry had to be the most gut wrenching I’ve ever witnessed. The NBC Today Show executives stated that even though Ann’s custom apparel had nothing to do with them canning her, it was evident to me that she was being railroaded for not utilizing enough custom apparel bling.

Why, you ask? I believe that Ann’s wardrobe was to blame and not the so called lack of “chemistry” between her and Matt Lauer.

Over the years I have watched Tom Brokaw swagger in his high quality polo shirts and then dress down to a custom t-shirt when he would ride the open Montana ranges punching them doggies. Tom would always be dressed in stylish clothing even when he would ride motorcycles or horses.

Likewise, Matt Lauer has been known to dress in rhinestone shirts and even a 3D puff embroidered cap for his Hip Hop section of a show with Al Roker.

Now take Ann Curry, who has been a staple of the show for years. Why fire her now in such a nasty way? If she was such a bad dresser, this didn’t happen overnight and the TV execs surly could see that Ann did not like wearing hoodies or rhinestones on shirts. It just wasn’t her style and she looked lovely wearing her dresses every day.

We will miss you Ann Curry and look forward to your next international journalistic expose with NBC.


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