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celebrating 25 years thank you

Broken Arrow has proudly celebrated its 25th year in business in 2015, with a huge customer appreciation party! Existing and new customers were invited for an afternoon of pizza and cake, and a chance to tour our 30,000 square foot facility, and even print their very own t-shirt! Guests could choose from several different designs. All areas of our production facility were on display, with our embroidery machines buzzing, and our screen printing presses cranking out custom printed shirts. Shirts were being folded and bagged, and our rhinestone machine was busy making designs that customers could add to their custom printed shirts on the spot. Guests got a detailed look at the entire process of custom shirts, and were able to see the creation of screens, and see how the shirts are printed and cured through our professional dryer, as they toured the shop with our screen printers. Couldn't make it to the party? No problem! You can still check out fun pictures a video from the event!